Thursday, May 12, 2011

Preparing the PhilHealth Employer's Remittance Report (RF-1) using the PPRS

The PhilHealth Premium Remittance System (PPRS) is a stand-alone application that is being distributed by PhilHealth since 1999. The system is designed in such a way as to facilitate the payment and generation of the RF-1 Remittance Report of the employers in a softcopy or text format. This post is intended to give you a bit more information on the PPRS as another reporting scheme.

Advantages in using the PPRS:
  • Security enabled features which include user accounts to access the functionality of the system as well as system roles to determine which modules/functionalities may be accessible for a given type of user account;
  • Facilitates preparation of reports for multiple employers;
  • Printing of the RF-1 hardcopy, M5 summary and a transmittal list;
  • Provides utilities such as backup of the database, restoration of database, management of users, employee transfers and others;
  • Prepare the remittance report in advance prior payment so as to easily determine the actual payment to be made;
  • Captures monthly remittance and report generation;
  • Ease in updating the compensation bracket for the employer and employee share;
  • Automatic computation of the bracket based on compensation/salary defined in the employee profile.

  • There is minimal support being provided for the system;
  • PhilHealth no longer provides updates to the functionality or enhancement of the system.
  • Although the system can generate the remittance report monthly in text file format the old RF-1 layout is being used in the hardcopy.

Though no further updates are being provided by PhilHealth, the system is still considered as an option for the generation of the remittance report in softcopy or text format. If you wish to download an installer of the application click here. To download the User Manual click here.

The system is for those who are not at ease in using the Excel format or hardcopy, employers that see the need to have a back-up of their remittance reports, those who are not able to use the Electronic Premium Reporting System (EPRS) or those who do not have the capability or resources to develop a system to aid in the preparation of their remittance report.


  1. link is dead for the installer... please provide another one. thank you.

  2. Hey, where can I download the PPRS . Link is dead...

  3. We will try to update the site as philhealth has changed their website.

  4. any updates on the link please? thanks.

    1. we can no longer find the PhilHealth link to download the installer. This is probably because PhilHealth is no longer be marketing the use of the PPRS due to the introduction of the EPRS.

      You may refer here for information on the EPRS: