Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sample PhilHealth Request Letter

Due to numerous requests for a sample request letter that may be used for PhilHealth transactions, we have devised this template for requesting:
  • Issuance of PhilHealth ID Card;
  • Issuance of Member Data Record (MDR);
  • Certificate of Premium Payment (CPP);
  • Certification for lost payment receipt.
This is free to download and use, however, note that this template did not come from nor is it mandated or required by PhilHealth. The letter is in PDF format so you may need a PDF reader if your PC doesn't have one installed like Adobe Reader.

You may download the template here or click the image below.


  1. Thanks for the request letter, after searching for one hour i stopped here! Authorization Letters

  2. i lost my MDR and i was not given an Id upon registration. Now i am with another company and iam asked to have my PIN or Philhealth num. I dont have it. what will i do?

  3. Is it allowed to request Philhealth ID by group? I mean I'm in the Administrative Dept and employees were asking for their Philhealth Id.

  4. Hi Do you have a sample form of request for eliminating "Accidentally added employees" on E-Philhealth? so that instead of putting "No Earnings" i want to remove the employee that was accidentally added. THANK YOU :)

  5. pede pong mgtnung pnu po kng company representative k o secretary k at ikw ang kkuha o maguupdate ng mga newly members po ng company anu po dpatdlin o ipakita pra maikuha mg pmrf ang mga empleyado