Saturday, May 21, 2011

If I lapsed with my 1st quarter PhilHealth payment can i still pay it?

Normally, no.

There are exceptions though.

As per PhilHealth Circular No. 06, series of 2001, retroactive payments are not allowed except when a member can show proof of sufficient regularity of premium contributions or payment of nine (9) consecutive months or three consecutive quarters within the last 12 months prior to the missed quarter. If you meet this condition, you shall be given a grace period of one month immediately after the missed quarter to pay retroactively including the current calendar quarter.

For newly enrolled members (with less than 12 months reckoned from date of enrollment), retroactive payment for the missed quarter including the current calendar quarter shall also be allowed within the month immediately following the missed period.

This privilege is granted only once every 12 months.

Reference: PhilHealth IPM FAQs.

However, even if you miss a quarterly payment, you may still be eligible to avail of PhilHealth benefits if there is sufficient regularity.

Save yourself the worry and just pay your premiums on time.


  1. Yan din ang nakalagay sa FAQs ng PhilHealth. The circular 6 series of 2001 is cited.

    Yet if you look at the said circular, the said circular does not say prior to the missed quarter, it says:

    "prior to the month of availment"

    while the phrase 'prior to the missed quarter' is not used. What you can see there is:

    "grace period of one month after the missed quarter"

    kung sino man gumawa ng FAQs ng PhilHealth, basahin mo muna Circular, wag ka mag imbento ng sarili mong sagot.

    Kung ang gusto nyo palang sabihin ay iba, baguhin nyo muna ang circular, mag issue kayo ng bago.

    Sino ba ang susundin ng mga nasa Frontline ang FAQs or ang circular, ang Circular diba kse yun ang legal basis, kaming nasa frontline ang pinag rereklamohan ng mga cliente dahil sa
    di maayos nyong trabaho.