Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Preparing the PhilHealth Employer's Remittance Report using the Excel Template

Aside from the PhilHealth Remittance Reporting System (PPRS), employers are also given the option to prepare the remittance report using the Excel template being released by PhilHealth. The Excel template is a good alternative for a minimal number of employees, probably not more than 50. For a higher number of employees, it would be better to have a maintenance facility for your employees so a system would be recommended.

  • Facilitates generation of the RF-1 hardcopy and softcopy format;
  • Easy to use.
  • Limited validations are available in the template;
  • When compensation bracket changes, you will need a new Excel template.

Recommended versions are Microsoft Excel 2007 or above and you should enable the use of MACROs to use the Excel template. You can get the Excel template by clicking here.

In preparing a report, it is important for you to not overwrite the existing report. You may do this by opening the Excel file of your recent previous report and then go to File and choose Save As. Rename your Excel file using the convention Reporting Month+Year+PEN+ReportType. After which you can continue editing your report for the current reporting period. It is important to maintain or retain a copy of your remittance reports so that if PhilHealth requires or request for you to reproduce the report it would be a lot easier on your part.

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