Friday, May 6, 2011

Avail PhilHealth Benefits for Confinements Abroad

Here are some things you need to know in order to avail PhilHealth benefits for confinements abroad. This is applicable to OFWs, lifetime, individually paying and employed members of the NHIP.

Documentary Requirements
  • PhilHealth Claim Form 1 (signed by member or authorized representative);
  • Member Data Record (MDR) or supporting documents;
  • Proof of applicable premium payments;
  • Original official receipts for hospital, doctor, medicines and services (in English);
  • Statement of Account with itemized charges (in english) should reflect rates for room and board, medical supplies, laboratory procedures, operating room fee and others;
  • Medical Certificate (indicating final diagnosis, confinement period, services rendered in English).
Things you need to know:
  • Claim should be filed within 180 days upon discharge in any PhilHealth Regional and Branch Offices;
  • You will be paid equivalent to the level 3 hospital benefit rates;
  • You may still file for PhilHealth reimbursement even if your employer abroad has a health insurance benefit;
  • If you are unavailable to sign or submit your claim application for reimbursement, the person/s below may act as your representative. The members should provide an authorization letter (indicating your name and name of your authorized representative), and a photocopy of two (2) valid IDs of both the member and representative. PhilHealth might require your representative to present the original ID for authentication purposes.
    • Spouse;
    • Children 18yrs and above;
    • Parents for unmarried member;
    • Brother / Sister / Guardian;
    • Other individuals as duly authorized representative.
  • You may verify the status of your claim application by emailing or calling +63 917 5129149 for OFW members or 441-7442 and for non-OFW members. In your inquiry state the following information:
    • Patient's complete name;
    • Date of confinement;
    • Hospital information.
  • If you wish to name the cheque to your spouse you would need to submit a Special Power of Attoryney (SPA) or a letter authorizing PhilHealth to use the name of your spouse for the cheque with attached two (2) valid IDs of you and your spouse and Marriage Contract.

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  1. can ofw also avail of reimbursement for family member's hospitalization abroad since they are living with the ofw using the family joining option?

  2. we would need to get back on you and confirm with PhilHealth first on whether confinement abroad may also be availed of by your declared dependents. However, note that family members that are eligible for PhilHealth benefits should be your qualified dependent (parent, spouse, child).

  3. based on the tweet of PhilHealth (@teamphilhealth), the legal spouse, children below 21yrs old and parents 60yrs above are also entitled to the same PhilHealth benefits.

  4. in behalf of me as a spouse can i name the cheque to my sister as my authorized representative,we are an ofw

  5. do we need to send to authenticate it to tha Phil. Embassy??