Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Members with Multiple Employment Can Avail Refund or Adjustment for Overpayment of Personal Share

Overpayment of Premium Contribution due to multiple employment is a situation where a person is employed in more than one employer and both employers are remitting PhilHealth contributions as mandated by Section 18-20 of the Implementing Rules and Regulations of R.A. 7875.

To resolve this situation, PhilHealth has released PhilHealth Circular No. 05 s-2009. In this circular PhilHealth members are given the option to apply the overpayment to succeeding months or to request for a refund of the personal share. The personal share is the amount being deducted to the employee. Discussed below are the two options.

Overpayment of Personal Share Applied to Succeeding Months
  • Adjustment can be done only once.
  • The following qualifications/conditions must be met by the requesting member:
    • Member is currently unemployed;
    • Aggregate monthly premium contribution is greater than the maximum premium rate in the prescribed premium contribution schedule (this may be based on the current rate at the time of the contribution);
    • Overpayment occurred due to multiple employment;
    • Overpayment incurred from January 2009 onwards (based on effectivity of the Circular);
    • The period covered for adjustment is posted in PhilHealth's contribution database and Treasury database. (This means that you should be included in the monthly report prepared by your employer and the employer is paying the contribution as evidenced by the record in the Treasury database.)
  • The overpayment of the personal share shall be reflected or adjusted as an advance payment of the premium contribution for the Individually Paying Member.
This alternative may be used by those shifting to the Individually Paying Member (IPM) category. It is advised however, that prior to paying the premium contribution as an IPM, you may request for the adjustment so that you will only be paying the remaining balance of your premium contribution dues for the current year.

Request for Refund of Personal Share
  • This alternative is only available to members under the Lifetime membership program or eligible members of the said program.
  • Qualifications are as follows:
    • Overpayment was due to multiple employment;
    • Overpayment was incurred only upon effectivity of the Circular;
    • The period covered for adjustment is posted in PhilHealth's contribution and treasury database (This means that you should be included in the monthly report prepared by your employer and the employer is paying the contribution as evidenced by the record in the Treasury database.);
    • Member is no longer employed;
    • Member is 60 years old and above and has paid the 120 monthly premium contributions.
  • Only the personal share shall be refunded to the member.
Documentary Requirements to avail of the Two (2) Options:
  • Filled-out request form/letter requesting of adjustment or refund of overpayment in personal share (specify the period where you are being deducted more than once, include the names of your employers for the corresponding period);
  • Copy of any 2 valid IDs with photo;
  • Copy of Employment Contract reflecting monthly income and status of employment from each of your employers;
  • Certificate of Employment with monthly income and status of of employment signed by the employers;
  • Other documents required by the Collection Section of PhilHealth.
Before going to the PhilHealth Office, call the Collection Section first so that you will be sure what other documents they will be requiring you to bring.


  1. pano po ung employer share? hindi po ba un marerefund? pano po kung maximum (375) na ang PS sa isang company? kahit doble ang contri hindi naman ma dodoble ang benefits. pwede bang sa 1 company n lang mag padeduct?

  2. The employer share are not deducted on the salary of the member so it is not refundable to the member. Also employers are mandated by law to deduct and remit premiums.

  3. pano kung 375 na ang contri sa isang company kailangan sa pangalawang company mag padeduct pa din kahit nasa maximum n? edi magiging 375 + 375 = 750 ang deduction ko kasi parehas n maximum sa dalawang company? tapos ang tagal pa bago ko makuha ung refund sa Personal share?

    1. Sa ngayon po ay mandated ang employers na magdeduct ng premiums.

  4. pano kung sister company ung dalawang pinagtatrabahuhan mo.. di ba pwedeng internal n lang un para isang company lang magdededuct?

    1. Kung sister company separate pa rin po ang juridical identity nila so they are required to deduct, remit and report the premiums of their employees.

  5. ask ko lng po, pano po kung isang member po ay wala na pong work pero gusto pa rin magbayad ng premium, pwede po kaya na magbayad na lang sya nang hindi pinapabago ang kanyang employment status sa philhealth?
    pasensya na po lihis po sa topic nyo ang question ko..
    i hope po na mabigyan nyo po ako ng idea tungkol po dito.
    maraming salamat..

    1. Lagi pong tandaan na mas makabubuti na i update din ang inyong membership record ng sa ganun ay hindi magkaproblema pag gagamitin na ang philhealth. However pwede mo diretso na magbayad sa alin mang bangko na accredited ng philhealth para sa inyong premiums sa halagang 300 per qtr. Ang alam po namin ay sa july 600 per quarter na for individually paying members

  6. hello po… just wanna ask… kase this january, i joined philhealth and already paid 1200 for the whole year as an individually paying member… tapos this february e nagka-work po ako. and the company registered me on a new account as an employed individual kahit na sinabi ko sa kanila na i’m already a member. is there a chance na pede kong marefund yung 1200 ko?

  7. Sir madam..pwede bang manyaari na pag dalwa ang pinapasukan mong company ie isa lang dapat ang magcontribute especially sa philhealth..