Tuesday, April 5, 2011

PhilHealth Premium Contribution Payment Rates

As with most insurance and HMO companies, PhilHealth members are required to pay a premium contribution in order to be qualified to receive PhilHealth benefits. Regularity of the payment will ensure uninterrupted availability of benefits from PhilHealth.

For individual members of the program,
  • Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) are required to pay the one year premium of Php900.00. However, members have the option to pay the corresponding amount as an advance payment dependent to the number of years reflected in the contract period. Payment should be made to the POEA or directly to any PhilHealth office prior to departure. You may continue to pay your premiums through the accredited remittance centers shown here.
  • Individually Paying Members (Non-Professional) are required to pay Php300.00 per quarter to remain an active member of PhilHealth. You may also opt to pay semi-annually or annually directly to PhilHealth offices or through Accredited Collecting Agents. Payment on a monthly basis equivalent to Php100.00 is available only through the Remittance-By-Air facility. If your occupation is not included in this list then you belong to the Non-Professional classification.
  • Individually Paying Members (Professional) are required to pay the amount of Php600.00 per quarter or Php2,400.00 per year on the first year of implementation starting October 1, 2010.
  • For the succeeding years, members shall pay Php900.00 per quarter or Php3,600 per year. For those whose family income in the last 12 months is Php25,000.00 and below premium rate of the Non-Professional will be used. Payments may be made directly with PhilHealth or through the Accredited Collecting Agents.
If you are in a government or private institution (employed member), the employers will be deducting your PhilHealth premium based on your basic salary with the corresponding employer share. Refer to the table of Premium Contribution here.

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  1. ako'y isang ofw nabalitaan kong nagbibigay ng diskwento ang philhealth sa mga kontract worker na makakapag advance payment ng 5 taon gaano ito ka totoo at magkano ang total ng bayarin ko