Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Cases for Amending or Updating Your PhilHealth Records

As PhilHealth Members, it is your responsibility to ensure that your information recorded in PhilHealth's database is up-to-date and accurate. If you want to know how to go about updating your information then read on.

When should you update your information?

  • Correction in member profile
  • If you are issued a Member Data Record (MDR), immediately validate the accuracy of the reflected information. If you find that there is a discrepancy in your name, date of birth or any other information, you should amend or update your record immediately;

  • Correction in dependent's profile
  • This can also be checked in the MDR. Check whether the name and date of birth of your declared dependents have been accurately recorded by PhilHealth as this might become a problem in availment of benefits;

  • Change in address
  • If you relocated to another residence or address, immediately amend your PhilHealth record. It is important for PhilHealth to have your current address as notices/letters are being mailed based on your location registered in PhilHealth;

  • Change in civil or marital status
  • PhilHealth will require a copy of your marriage certificate, or Affidavit of Marriage issued by the Office of the Muslim Affairs, or annulment papers in order to effect the change in your last name. You should also request for a new PhilHealth ID Card and MDR.
    Males should likewise update their membership record to reflect the change in civil status and to include their spouse as a dependent;

  • Change in membership category
  • For separated employees wishing to continue their coverage with PhilHealth, they should amend their record to be under the Individually Paying Member category (refer to this post for distinction between Professional and Non-Professional). The premium amount that you will be required to pay would depend on your membership category, so it is important for you to update it;

  • Adding new dependents
  • If you wish to include your parents, spouse or child/ren under your PhilHealth coverage, they should be registered with PhilHealth as your dependents. For guidance on the declaration of dependents you may refer to this post. Siblings however cannot be declared as a dependent.

There are instances when you will no longer be required to go to PhilHealth in order to update your PhilHealth MDR. Among them are:

  • If your member profile reflected in Claim Form 1 (CF1) is different from your membership record, PhilHealth will use the information contained in the CF1 to update your membership record. (Pursuant to PhilHealth Circular No. 08 s-2007);

  • For the employed sector, if you are reported as a newly hired employee, then your membership category will automatically be updated to Private/Government depending on your company type. For separated employees, your membership record will reflect that you are already separated from the company. Those who transferred from another company, your record will display the new company. These information shall be captured using the Employer Remittance Report (RF-1). (Pursuant to PhilHealth Circular No. 13 s-2010);

  • Retiring employees in the private/government institutions will be covered as Lifetime Members provided that the member is at least 60 years of age, has met the 120 monthly contributions and that their employer facilitated their enrolment at least three months prior to the date of retirement. (Pursuant to PhilHealth Circular No. 28, s-2010.

However, it is still recommended that you to check your current MDR so that any further discrepancies can be immediately amended. To know how to amend / update your membership information click here.


  1. Paano po pag gusto magdeactivate ng beneficiaries/dependents?

  2. I want to change my Philhealth Category from Individually Paying Members to Private. what process shoul I do??

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  4. Gud day!!! Gaano ktagal or kelan ako makakakuha ng updated MDR if iupdate ko ung mga anak ko sa dependents? Tnkx

  5. Ofw po ang father ko dati. Di ko po alam f kelan ung huli niya na pagbabayad ng philhealth at kung active pa. 61 years old na siya ngaun at gusto siya iadd as dependent ng sister ko na nasa dubai. Ano po mga need na requirements na dadalhin f ever na di na active ung sa father ko?

  6. Ask ko lng iba po kc yun name s birth certificate kos name n nakafile s record nyo gusto ko po continue yun contribution ko. At d ko po remenber yun akin philheatlh number ano b ang dapat gawin.

  7. pano kpag 2years ng walang hulog?? ksi wla n ko work so d ko na sya nahhulugan.. pano kpag tnuloy ko ulit yung hulog bbayaran ko b yung mga taon na d ko nhulugan

  8. Good eve po.kukuha po ako ng MDR pinag online po ako kasi wala pang hulog ..nung nag register po ako sa member inquiry .lagi po nalbas user name is already exist bakit ganon po ?

  9. Gud afternoon, i have a question po, hindi pa rin po ba pwede yung kapatid ang gawing dependent kahit single yung member?