Monday, July 18, 2011

Continuing PhilHealth Coverage for Separated Employees

This post is intended to guide newly separated employees on how to continue being eligible to receive PhilHealth benefits. There are two ways by which you may continue your PhilHealth coverage, the first is by becoming a qualified dependent of an active PhilHealth member and the second is by continuing your coverage by being a contributing member under the Individually Paying Program of the Corporation.

Continuing Coverage as a Qualified Dependent

You will need a certification from your previous employer that you are no longer connected with them. This will be used by PhilHealth as basis to deactivate your member record and facilitate your coverage as a dependent.

For married individuals, if your spouse is an active PhilHealth member, you may enroll under your spouse as a valid dependent. Your spouse should fill-out the PhilHealth Membership Registration Form (PMRF) reflecting you as a dependent, attach a copy of your Marriage Certificate, your birth certificate and the certification from your previous employer.

For single individuals, if you are already 21 years old or above, you can no longer be covered as a dependent of any of your parent. If you are however below 21 yrs old and unmarried, any one of your parents (not both) may declare you as a dependent. They would need to fill-out the PhilHealth Registration Form (PMRF) reflecting you as a dependent and attach your birth certificate and the certification from your previous employer.

If you cannot be covered as a dependent, then you may choose to be a contributing PhilHealth member under the Individually Paying Program.

Continuing Coverage as an Individually Paying Member

To prevent creating a gap with your coverage, you should immediately begin paying the premium contribution as a voluntary member of PhilHealth. It is important for you to know your PhilHealth Identification Number (PIN) as this will be used when paying the contributions. To know more, please read these posts:

You should also ensure that you have an updated membership record with PhilHealth so that if you would be needing your Member Data Record (MDR), there will be no inconsistencies with your profile.

Additional Information

We strongly recommend that you immediately continue your coverage so as not to hamper your eligibility to avail of PhilHealth benefits by being a qualified dependent or continuing to be a contributing member.

Moreover, we would like to stress that for married individuals, you may be able to maximize your PhilHealth benefits by both becoming a contributing member. As a contributing member, you may both declare each of your parents (aged 60 years old and above), and if you have more than one child, for example four children, then you may each declare your two children to maximize the 45-days allowable limit shared by your dependents. This would mean a wider PhilHealth coverage for your family.


  1. You will need a certification from your previous employer that you are no longer connected with them.>>>

    can I use my Certificate of Employment (COE) ? tnx

  2. Yes, the Certificate of Employment (COE) can be used as a certification provided that the end date of your employment is reflected in the document.

  3. Huminto ako after three months na pagvoluntary member ko last 2004.puede ko pa ba ipagpatuloy ito sa ngaun.

  4. yes, it would be better to update your membership record and continue paying your premium dues.

  5. hello po ..meron npo akong phil health id ...ginamit ko po ung philhealth id ko bilang valid id ..kc kylngan dw ng 2 valid id pagmagppapalit ako ng cheke sa bangko .,.,kaso sv skin dun ..bkit gnun dw philhealth id ko ..hindi daw gnun ung philhealth id ..tnung ko lang po ..mron pa po bang ibang klse ng philhelth id ??

  6. Hi tanung ko lng po if pwde ko pa po bang iagpatuloy yong membership sa philhaelth kahit na inactive ako for 3 years at nawala na yong philhealth card ko..anu po mas mabuting gawin mag apply ulit o ipagpatuloy nlng?at anu yong mga requirements na kailangan.?

  7. Hi ask ko lang po if jan 1 ako nawalan nang work pede ko parin ba bayaran yung buong year as voluntary contribution para walang gap ako sa philhealth ? Saka paano po if d ako binigyan ng dati ko employer ng Coe panu ako makaka kapag update?

  8. Hi ask ko lang po is it possible na makakuha ako ng list ng contribution ko sa philhealth since I started till I resigned to my employer ? Anu po ba Mga document na dadalhin ? Gusto ko kasi malaman kung nababayaran ng dating employer ko yung philhealth ko?

  9. Why i cant print PEPRL and SPA, it shows that acrobat reader has problem?