Thursday, July 14, 2011

Disclaimer - A Reiteration

We would just like to reiterate that this blog and it's associated Facebook account, Facebook page, and Twitter account are NOT officially sanctioned by the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation.

This is a PRIVATE blog, plain and simple. We do not get paid to do this, we do not receive any support from PhilHealth, we do this on our own time, using our own resources, on our own internet connections...which tend to be flaky every now and then. We also have jobs and other responsibilities, so we get to do this only during breaks, or after the day's work has been completed.

It just turns out that we have some knowledge of the National Health Insurance Program and it's benefits and other activities, arising from experience, prior knowledge and from inputs from some of our friends who are directly connected with the program.

Unfortunately, PhilHealth is a bit old-fashioned, preferring to stick with traditional media such as newspapers, television and radio. Most of us are now aware that traditional media is no longer sufficient to address the needs of a significant number of Filipinos, especially those who now turn to the internet for most of the media they consume, particularly social networking sites like blogs, Facebook, and Twitter.

This is a niche that PhilHealth officially has not seen fit to exploit yet, despite the vast numbers of Filipinos it could potentially reach.

So we thought to ourselves, if PhilHealth is a bit slow in embracing the new social media...why don't we do it ourselves? Hence we came up with this blog, the Facebook and Twitter accounts. We find it rewarding to help people with their PhilHealth related concerns, especially since hardly anyone else is doing this in this manner.

We will continue to do this for as long as we find the experience rewarding, and there are people who need our help. Once PhilHealth officially makes it's presence on blogs, Facebook and Twitter known, maybe then we'll take a step back and let the professionals do their thing.

For now, we simply ask that our readers, friends and followers just put their expectations in check. WE ARE NOT PHILHEALTH. We are just doing our bit to help. If the help we provide is insufficient, you can always get directly in touch with PhilHealth via its official webpage, through its hotline at 441-7442, or though the closest PhilHealth office in your location.

We hope this clears up everything.

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