Friday, March 11, 2011

Register with PhilHealth and be an NHIP Member

In these difficult times, more and more of Filipinos have realized the importance of being a member of the National Health Insurance Program (NHIP). Although as of now PhilHealth does not cover all medical expenses, it does provide significant financial aid. Health issues sometimes come unannounced and it would be great if there is assistance in lessening the financial burden of paying for medical services.

For only 100.00 pesos per month, you can be a member of PhilHealth under the Individually Paying Member - NonProfessional or a 200.00 pesos per month contribution for self-employed individuals such as practicing doctors, lawyers and others to be registered under the Individually Paying Member - Professional.

How can you be a member of PhilHealth?
  1. Accomplish the PhilHealth Membership Registration Form (PMRF). Simply click on the link to download the form.
  2. Submit the PMRF together with the required supporting documents. Primary documents for membership is you and your dependent's birth certificate and Marriage License for the declaration of your spouse. Other required documents may be seen in the PMRF form.
  3. Once you are issued your PhilHealth Identification Number, you can pay the corresponding premium contribution for the current quarter to activate your membership.
    You can also sponsor your loved ones that are not yet a member to provide them the health coverage you are getting. Simply ask them to fill-out the form and submit it to PhilHealth and you can start paying their premium using their corresponding PIN.

    Moreover, do you know that as a contributing member, you are also helping our less fortunate countrymen avail of the NHIP? Protect others as you protect yourself and your loved ones from health financial burdens through the socialized health insurance model being implemented by the government.

    To know more about becoming a PhilHealth member click here.


    1. panu kbng mlmam kung active npo ung philhealth ko kc poe mai mdr ako ns nkuwa mla sa pnsukan ko id at kung mga papel tungkol dun pnu ko mlmn na active na poe elgen santos poe

    2. panu ko malaman na active na ko sa philheath

    3. panu ko malaman na active na ko sa philheath