Wednesday, March 9, 2011

PhilHealth 101

This blog is our humble attempt to make the National Health Insurance Program understandable by the masses. From our experience, it would seem that a significant number of Filipinos are still unaware of PhilHealth and how it affects them personally. Things like how to be a registered member, the benefits PhilHealth offers, or how such benefits can be availed, among others, may seem arcane or convoluted to the average Juan, but all of these bits of information and procedures are really pretty simple if explained the right way...the easy to understand way.

Hence...PhilHealth 101.

This blog is not officially connected to, or endorsed by PhilHealth. As such, we cannot claim that the information we will be sharing here is 100% correct or accurate. However, we will try to provide the most accurate information we can, and perhaps toss in a constructive criticism or commentary here and there.

Perhaps, in this small way, we can help our fellow Filipinos, and even contribute to the continued success and growth of the NHIP.

Stay tuned.

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