Thursday, March 24, 2011

Employers: Enroll under the Electronic Payment Scheme (ePAY)

The Electronic Payment System (EPS) also known as ePay is a mechanism introduced by PhilHealth since 2004 to allow the employers to remit their premium payments and submit a softcopy format of the Employer Remittance Report (RF-1) electronically through the accredited bank's online facility.

With this method employers must first prepare the remittance report and upload the report using the bank's online facility, after which the bank facility shall automatically deduct the total amount of premium to be paid from the bank account of the employer. PhilHealth will then download the remittance report submitted through the bank's online facility and process the report for posting of individual contributions. Through this facility, underremittance or overremittance will be minimized as the bank's system ensures that the correct total contribution amount will be deducted from the employer's bank account as payment to PhilHealth.

How to enroll under this scheme:

1. The employer should have its own PhilHealth Employer Number (PEN).
2. The employer must have an account in the ePay accredited bank.
3. The employer should conform to the layout of the RF1 softcopy. (Employers would need to contact the nearest PhilHealth Office for the guidelines on softcopy reporting.)
4. The employer needs to directly register with the ePay accredited bank.

The accredited banks implementing the ePay are:
3. Citibank (CitiConnect)
4. Security Bank (Digibanker)

You have to go to the corresponding banks to enroll and you will be provided with an online user account that you would need to access their system. Additional banks may be registered under the ePay so stay tuned to this blog as we will post updates once new banks are enrolled.

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