Tuesday, March 29, 2011

PhilHealth Misses the Mark

An unflattering assessment of PhilHealth by Malaya can be found here:

'Conservative' and 'sluggish' PhilHealth misses healthcare target

We, in all our optimism, would like to think that this article is exaggerated, but unfortunately, according to a lot of insiders, most of the allegations mentioned have echoes of  truth ringing about them. Dare we say, some are even spot on.

Like the "loan shark SVP charging 3% a month". Honestly, a senior officer in any government office should never put himself or herself in a position to make money from his subordinates. It just doesn't seem ethical or moral. How can an officer claim to be objective in deciding or giving recommendations over money matters, such as, say, release of employee benefits, if he or she stands to personally gain or lose from such recommendation or decision?

"The president would rather travel than stay in the office". Not only would the president be unable to perform his functions if he is out of the office, government funds also tend to be wasted on  unnecessary travel expenses. I guess it isn't the just the general's wives who get to be jetsetters.

Maybe a Senate probe at this time may just be the shot in the arm that PhilHealth needs in order for it to clean up its act.

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