Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Privileges Covered Under the I-PhilHealthy Card

In our previous post, we have not mentioned the details on the privileges that an I-PhilHealthy Card holder may get. This is because the privileges will expand as PhilHealth continues partnering with other private establishments to offer the members additional services through their tie-ups.

This post will enumerate the existing tie-up establishments and the corresponding privileges that they are offering to active PhilHealth members.

The I-PhilHealthy Card may be used in any of the following establishments:
  • Watsons Personal Care Stores Phils. Inc.
    • 15% discount for unbranded generic medicine products (both OTCs and prescription medicines);
    • 10% discount on Watson's branded cosmetics;
    • 10% discount on compliance packs;
    • 5% discount on medical devices;
    • 50-60% discount on Qualifirst products (*no minimum purchase required);
    • Php380.00 flu vaccine (includes administration).
  • Fresenius / FMC Renal Care Corp
    • Reduced price of Php4,000.00 from Php6,700.00 for hemodialysis (in 18 outlets in Luzon and Visayas).
  • PQ Healthshield
    • 20% discount on vaccines.
  • Rose Pharmacy Inc.
    • 15% discount for unbranded generic medicines (both OTCs and prescription medicines);
    • 5% discount for medical supplies and devices;
    • 50-60% discount on Qualifirst branded generic drugs/medicines.
  • South Star Drugstore
    • 15% discount for unbranded generic medicine products;
    • 5% discount for medical supplies and devices;
    • 50-60% discount on Qualifirst branded generic drugs/medicines.
  • Vivian Sarabia Optical Corp. (available at SM City North EDSA, Cubao, Megamall and Mall of Asia)
    • Free eye exam;
    • 20% discount for lenses and frames
  • JNW Drug Testing Inc.
    • 10% discount on drug testing services (at J & W sites)

Aside from the list of establishments where the I-PhilHealthy Cards may be used, below are the other partners that are helping in the implementation of the project.
  • Qualifirst Health Inc.
    • 50-60% discount on Qualifirst branded generic drugs/medicines through Watson's Personal Care, Rose Pharmacy and South Star Drugstores at no minimum purchase requirement.
  • GlaxoSmith Kline (GSK)
    • Provides Php380.00 flu vaccine (includes administration)
  • Globe
    • Provides text blasts;
    • Use of LEDs in NCR;
    • G-Cash premium payment.
  • Smart Communications
    • Provides text blasts;
    • Inclusion in the SHINE project.
  • United Laboratories, Inc.
    • Shoulder the cost of Senior Citizen's Card.
  • SM outlets
    • Provides registration and collection services available in 307 sites nationwide.
  • Bayad Centers
    • Provides registration and collection services available in 1,067 sites nationwide.
  • Prime IT Source
    • Provides mobile and onsite registration services by schedule.
  • e-Soluzione
    • Provides e-premium cards;
    • Mobile phone registration services;
    • Dependent's ID Card;
    • PhilHealth Sabado (remittance-by-air).
  • All Cards Plastic Philippines
    • I-PhilHealthy Cards for principal members.
  • 1abx
    • Provides point-of-sale (POS) machines for all merchants and phased-in implementation for providers.

Watch out for more partnering establishments to be included in this post.


    1. Just registered for the new card. I'm an active member already.

      Just to let you know that it's 30 days and not 2 weeks waiting time. This is for Bayad Center. Not sure for SM.


    2. Congratulations, we do hope that you didn't encounter any problems in your registration. As per PhilHealth release it would take a minimum of 2 weeks waiting time. Thanks for the update.

    3. No problems with registration and I asked first before registering. 30 days is what they told me.

      Hope someone who registered via SM would share.

      How about you? It seems you haven't registered yet. Maybe you can register at SM so that we can find out.


    4. we will be registering through mobile/onsite registration. we'll try to post our experience once we assist some of our relatives... :)

    5. for SM it's also one month.

    6. i also got mine and it was actually an onsite process. they came to our office and process was really easy..

    7. tried registering in SM. 2-3 months ang wait time. kainis

      1. Sa pagkaka alam namin ay by batch priniprint ang id kaya ganoon siguro ang lead time

    8. I have already the card,and last night Jan.07,2013 i was at parkmall watson,i told d csher f they can gve me dscount and let her see my card.She told me we dnt have phlhealth dscounts here! Huh? I didnt argue on her for i was in a hurry.tsk!

      1. we have no news yet on updated perks or if they have discontinued the discounts with PhilHealth partners... we would try to look around just in case there is an update

      2. Hi. What are the vaccines available for 20% discount in PQ Healthshield?

    9. Hi. What are the vaccines available for 20% discount in PQ Healthshield?

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