Monday, September 12, 2011

PhilHealth Case Payment - The Hemodialysis Package

Another package offered under the Case Payment Scheme is the Hemodialysis Package for a total of Php4,000.00 with Php500.00 professional fee for every treatment inclusive in the package.

Coverage of Hemodialysis
  • Covers all outpatient hemodialysis procedures with RVS code 90935;
  • Includes payment per session for:
    • Facility use and hemodialysis machine;
    • Drugs and medicines (0.9% sodium chloride, heparin, bicarbonate or acetate hemodialysis solution, e-cart drugs and epoetin alfa or beta);
    • Supplies and others (fistula kits, blood tubing set, dialyzet. syringe, and gauze).

Excluded in the package will be paid for through the fee-for-service scheme such as:
  • Hemodialysis performed during hospital confinement;
  • Other renal replacement therapy (e.g., CAPD, automated peritoneal dialysis);
  • Emergency dialysis procedure for Acute Renal Failure (e.g., ARF secondary lo leptospirosis);
  • Creadon of fistula for hemodialysis.


  1. How come in Perpetual Las PInas, epoetin alfa or beta is not included. You have to pay for it separately.

  2. Bakit sa Calapan (Or. Mindoro) sa 45 sessions ay 4 na dializer at 4 na epoetin lang ang kasama? :(

  3. Usual Dialysis Center in bulacan.
    -45 Session per year
    -24 Epoetin/Epokine
    -8 dialyzer

    sana madagdagan ni Pnoy to. 100 treatment sana.

    Aug. 2013

  4. bakit sa mumc ozamis city ung philhealth. nagbabayad kami nang 1,898.pisos pag bago and dializer. epoetin kami na bumili, iba pa ung mga heparin binayaran namin. samantalang may philhealth pa ang na avail namin. tama ba ito. akala ko pag philhealth free ung dializer. at heparin at iba pa.

  5. sana kahit 90 days philhealth lang ang ma avail man lang ung mga dialized patient. ni Pinoy hirap na kami maawa ka Pinoy.