Sunday, March 25, 2012

Register Online and Be A PhilHealth Member

You may now register online using PhilHealth's Online Services - Electronic Registration System located at this link. Online registration was introduced in the release of PhilHealth Circular No. 05 s-2012.

Requirements (Things you need to prepare)

Scanned copy of your supporting documents (jpeg/jpg, bmp, png, gif or pdf). Size for each file should not be greater than 2MB.
- for employed members, you would need the scanned ER2 with signature from your employer.
- you and your dependents' birth certificates
- marriage contract for married individuals

You may also choose to mail the necessary supporting documents, however, your application can only be processed once they are received.


  1. Click on this link-> Register Online to directly take you to PhilHealth's registration facility.
  2. Click the Proceed button.
  3. Click the "I agree to the conditions stated above and will comply to submit the required information and supporting documents to complete the registration." 
  4. Click the Accept button.
  5. Enter all the required information denoted by the asterisk (*) sign. Guardian information is required for principal members whose age is less than 18 yrs old. For employers registering their employees, you can specify the email address of the employees. You can simply ask the employees to forward the email of Philhealth for their issued PhilHealth number. If you used only one email address, employees would need to update their email addresses directly with PhilHealth for future correspondences. Tip: Use your current personal email address and encode your name as appearing in your birth certificate.
  6. Click the Submit Registration button. An email will be sent to the email address you specified during registration.
  7. PhilHealth will be processing the online applications and when the finished, an email indicating the PhilHealth number assigned to you will be sent.
You can claim your PhilHealth ID in any PhilHealth office near you. For individually paying members, upon receipt of your issued PhilHealth number, you can immediately start paying your monthly premium contributions.

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  1. Kelangan po ba tlga un ER2? Nag-register ako online. Diba b-certificate lang un kelangan isend? #confused!