Friday, November 4, 2011

Price hike facing PhilHealth premiums


  1. You have P90 billion in reserves. Way and over the mandate of the law for you to hold w/c is P30 billion.

    That's the law. In short you are already holding excess reserves. The excess reserve should have already been used to increase the benefits. No need to increase anything.

    At kayo muna mag increase ng benefits bago pa mag-isip ng increase. Mabuti sana kug kulang eh sobra pa nga eh at disproportionate bigay nyo ng benefits.

  2. Some people will probably complain" REALLY?? For you to double, which it will in July, is just UNETHICAL and Immoral. I have a very important question for you sir. Do you believe in GOD? What do you think GOD is saying RIGHT NOW about you DOUBLING the cost of your insurance? Do you know what that will do to the average person that already struggles to make ends meet? It makes them POORER. CAN U Sleep at night?
    Let me remind you about what the bible says: Better is a little with righteousness than great income with injustice. Please for the Philippine people increase by SMALL % at a time. 10-20- maybe 30%